Cinema is our passion, and we want to share it with the public in an open and friendly atmosphere, presenting films that generate emotions, nourish our reflections, arouse our curiosity for other worlds and question our own.

Around ten feature-length fiction films and creative documentaries from around the world will introduce the different worlds of farmers “here and elsewhere”.

The selection focuses on two major themes that will be taken up in the conferences and debates:
– Transmission of the rural culture and generational conflicts;
– The return to the land: imaginary and utopian.

All films will be in their original version with French subtitles. They will be followed by a discussion with the director after each screening.

To make up for the lack of a cinema hall in the village, screenings are planned in specially equipped locations such as barns or tents, followed each evening by a screening “under the stars”, organized outdoors in the center of the village.

In coordination with the local primary school, we will also present two screenings specifically dedicated to the children of our community.


The Conferences and Debates of the RENCONTRES aim to make people reflect on their situation by confronting them with the opinions of experts and men and women in the field. Based on knowledge and practice as opposed to the unrealistic, the different points of view are presented in a non-confrontational way. The goal is to enrich our opinions by learning from each other and to find ways of developing a modern and vibrant rurality.

Researchers, farmers, elected officials as well as actors from the economic and cultural world exchange their ideas on how to take action.

These Conferences and Debates will complement the aims of the local group of European Controversies organized in Bergerac by the AgroBiosciences mission of INRAE.


Taking advantage of the splendid nature that surrounds our village, we offer literary walks for families on Saturdays and Sundays. Guided and animated by a storyteller and pupils from the local primary school, La Fontaine’s fables will be honored to celebrate the 400th anniversary of his birth, thus associating our little village with the larger events planned throughout France.

The afternoons will be livened up with the “Readings under the Trees” (over a cup of tea?), in particularly bucolic sites offered by the owners of two properties. The selected literary texts, evoking the rural world in past and present times, will be read by actors.

This literary component will be accompanied by the installation of a reading corner and a temporary bookstore in collaboration with booksellers from Lalinde and Bergerac.


The village square, fitted out with long tables and stands offering a wide range of food and drinks, will be the ideal meeting point for residents, festival-goers and guests.

This meeting place will invite the public and the guests to participate in discussions and talks between the cinema sessions and the conferences.

The RENCONTRES are committed to showcase the work of our local artisans and producers. Only original products from our region will be prepared and offered for sale. Bergerac wines, Périgord walnuts and chestnuts, honey and dairy products, foie gras and duck confit, cured meats, traditional preserves will enliven the taste buds of festivalgoers.

Always in a spirit of friendliness, local inns, cottages and b&b rooms will be offered to accommodate our guests in the village and its surroundings.



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    In the presence of Asier Altuna

    The story of a family; the story of a conflict. The rural and the urban, the past and the present, parents and their offspring: opposing ways of life struggle against one another whilst, in eloquent silence, the grandmother (‘amama’) watches her family’s destiny unfold.